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Top 5 Upgrades for the 2021+ Ford Broncos Off-Roading Performance

Top 5 Upgrades for the 2021+ Ford Bronco’s Off-Roading Performance

The 6th Generation Ford Bronco has taken the off-roading world by storm with its rugged design and impressive capabilities. However, like any vehicle, there’s always room for improvement, especially if you’re looking to push the limits of off-roading adventures. In this guide, we’ll explore the top five aftermarket upgrades and modifications that can enhance the off-roading performance of your 2021+ Ford Bronco.

1. Suspension Upgrades:

Enhancing your Ford Bronco’s suspension is one of the most effective ways to take your off-roading experience to the next level. Consider these suspension upgrades:

a. Lift Kits:

Lift kits increase ground clearance, allowing your Bronco to tackle more challenging terrain. You can choose from various lift heights to suit your needs, whether it’s a mild 2-inch lift for improved clearance or a more substantial 4-inch or higher lift for extreme off-roading.

b. Long-Travel Suspension:

Upgrading to a long-travel suspension system offers improved articulation and wheel travel. This allows your Bronco to navigate rough terrain more comfortably while maintaining better control and stability.

c. Upgraded Shocks:

High-quality aftermarket shocks like Fox Racing or Bilstein can provide better damping control and improved ride quality. They help your Bronco handle uneven surfaces, rocks, and bumps with ease.

2. Off-Road Tires:

Equipping your Ford Bronco with the right off-road tires is crucial for traction and control on challenging terrain. Consider these options:

a. All-Terrain Tires:

All-terrain tires strike a balance between on-road comfort and off-road capability. They are suitable for a variety of terrains, including dirt trails, gravel, and light mud.

b. Mud-Terrain Tires:

If you’re planning to tackle deep mud, rocky trails, or extreme off-road conditions, mud-terrain tires with aggressive tread patterns and reinforced sidewalls are an excellent choice.

c. Beadlock Wheels:

Consider upgrading to beadlock wheels to prevent tire bead separation during low-pressure off-roading. Beadlock wheels allow you to air down your tires for increased traction without the risk of debeading.

3. Differential Lockers:

Differential lockers are a game-changer when it comes to off-roading performance. They ensure that power is evenly distributed to both wheels, even when one loses traction. Consider these options:

a. Front and Rear Lockers:

Front and rear differential lockers provide maximum traction on uneven surfaces, allowing your Bronco to maintain forward progress in challenging conditions.

b. Limited-Slip Differential (LSD):

A limited-slip differential is a milder option that improves traction without the complete lock of differential lockers. It’s a good compromise for those who want enhanced off-road capabilities without sacrificing too much on-road performance.

4. Winch and Recovery Gear:

Off-roading adventures can lead to challenging situations where you may need to recover your vehicle or help others in your group. Here’s what you should consider:

a. Winch:

Installing a winch on the front of your Bronco can be a lifesaver. It allows you to pull yourself out of sticky situations or assist others who might be stuck.

b. Recovery Straps and Shackles:

Always carry high-quality recovery straps and shackles in your off-roading kit. These are essential for safely connecting vehicles during recovery operations.

c. Recovery Boards:

Recovery boards like Maxtrax or TRED provide traction when you’re stuck in sand, mud, or snow. They can help you get your Bronco back on track quickly.

5. Skid Plates and Armor:

Protecting your Bronco’s vital components from rocks, debris, and obstacles is essential for long-term off-roading success. Consider these protective upgrades:

a. Skid Plates:

Invest in skid plates to shield the engine, transmission, and fuel tank from impacts and abrasions. Skid plates are crucial for preventing damage on rocky trails.

b. Rock Sliders:

Rock sliders protect your Bronco’s sides from damage when navigating rocky terrain. They serve as both protection and a handy step for getting in and out of your vehicle.

c. Front and Rear Bumpers:

Upgrading to heavy-duty front and rear bumpers provides protection and additional utility. Many aftermarket bumpers offer winch mounts, recovery points, and space for auxiliary lighting.


The 2021+ 6th Generation Ford Bronco is already a capable off-roader straight from the factory, but these aftermarket upgrades and modifications can take its off-roading performance to new heights. Whether you’re planning to conquer rugged trails, explore remote wilderness, or simply enjoy the thrill of off-roading, these enhancements can enhance your Ford Bronco’s capabilities, durability, and overall enjoyment. Before making any modifications, it’s essential to consider your specific off-roading goals and consult with the experts at Parker 4×4 to ensure that the upgrades you choose are well-suited to your needs. With the right enhancements, your Ford Bronco will be ready to tackle any off-road challenge that comes your way.

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