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Castle Rock & Castle Pines Jeep Repair Specialists

In Castle Rock and Castle Pines people drive Jeeps, 4×4 and SUV vehicles to go along with their active Colorado lifestyle.

Your team at Parker Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair has served the community with pride since 1974, and your trust is, and has always been, our top priority.  Our shop are experts in SUV repair, Jeep repair and 4×4 repair.

  • Unlike a car, 4WD vehicle has 4 wheels driven independently.
  • The front and rear axles are synchronized so one wheel on each of the drive axles can be driven by the engine’s power.
  • Towing, hauling, and off-road use puts a strain on your vehicle that leads to unique mechanical problems.You NEED mechanics who understand your passion for your weekend adventure!

Our mechanics ASE Certified Master Technicians, who are also owners of Jeep Wranglers and 4WD drive vehicles. We have decades of experience. We enjoy the same quality Jeep wheels, tops, and lift kits for the mountains of Colorado that you do.

Castle Rock’s Four Wheel Drive Repair Experts

Parker Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair is Castle Rock’s 4×4 repair expert. Located near Lincoln Ave. & Parker Rd. we service all makes and models of SUVs, trucks, Jeeps, and cars. Our American Standard of Excellence certified mechanics have the experience to properly service your four-wheel drive vehicle.

Here are just a few things you can expect from us.

  • Quality – A+ BBB Rating
  • 100% Satisfaction – Customer Service Specialists
  • No Surprises – Digital Vehicle Inspection Photos
  • Incredible Warranty – 2 Years, 24K Miles
  • Free Ride Share Rides – To And From Home Or Work
  • Extended Warranty Work 

If you’re looking for a specialty Jeep, SUV & four wheel drive shop near Castle Rock and Castle Pines, you’ll appreciate our detailed and expert repair. Our 18,000 sq. ft. state of the art Parker Jeep repair shop has been here since 2016. We look forward to serving you.

How Are We Different?

Jeep Repair Red Grand Cherokee Castle RockParker Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair specializes in repair and maintenance of Jeep, SUV & 4-wheel drive cars and trucks. Not only that, but at our Parker 4×4 shop serving Castle Rock and Castle Pines, customers regularly bring in all makes and models of vehicles for any type of auto service. Castle Rock is a short drive from Parker, Colorado and the two communities have shared customers for decades.  You’ll never look for another repair shop in your life.

1. Castle Rock & Castle Pine Colorado’s Top Jeep, SUV & 4×4 Repair Experts

Our auto technicians are some of the finest mechanics in the business. Our ASE Certified mechanics  are veterans of the auto repair industry with a passion for Jeep, Jeep Wrangler, SUV & 4×4 vehicles and have decades of experience on the line.

They work on experience and skill to analyze and repair the most complex auto repair and Jeep four wheel drive issues accurately so that your vehicle is fixed right the first time.

2.   100% Free Diagnostics

At Parker four wheel drive & auto repair shop serving Castle Rock & Castle Pines, there is no charge to diagnose your vehicle.  We provide photos and videos of your vehicle diagnosis and you only fix what’s needed.

3.   Hot Shot SUV, Jeep and 4×4 Parts Department

Parker 4WD sources a huge variety of parts, including Jeep tops, for all makes of cars and trucks, eliminating the tedious wait time that you would usually experience from other Denver 4×4 shops.

4.   Specialty Offroad Jeep, SUV & 4×4 Tires

At Parker 4×4 we not only service and maintain your 4 wheel drive SUV vehicle, we are also experts at providing, installing and helping you choose the right tire for your needs. We offer quality Jeep wheels, tops, and lift kits for year round adventure.  From Goodyear to Nitto tires and specialty brands you can count on us

5. We Offer Free Transportation

The ride is on us with our free shuttle service for Denver, Castle Rock, and Castle Pines auto repair. When your car breaks down or isn’t running right, we understand that it can be very difficult to get it into a shop, especially if you need to re-arrange schedules for your work, your kids and errands. That’s why we offer a free customer shuttle to/from your place of business or home, and we also pick-up or deliver your vehicle if needed. We can also book you a rental vehicle at a low corporate price.

6.  Towing of Your Vehicle

We use our own tow truck to get your vehicle into the shop in an emergency, call us to discuss your transportation needs at and let us take that worry out of your day.

7.  In-House Machine Shop

The number of Castle Rock and Castle Pines auto repair shops that have full access to a complete in house machine shop are very few. This allows us to rebuild or refurbish your engine’s parts on the spot, rather than you having to buy new replacements for damaged ones.

5-Star Review:

“Parker Four Wheel Drive is fantastic. Their mechanics really know their stuff. It took them 5 hours to diagnose what was wrong with my truck and they did it for free! They also drove me to wherever I needed to go for free as well! Everyone is super helpful and friendly. I will never take my truck to any place other than Advanced Four Wheel Drive.” Foster E.

Response from the owner:

“Foster, you are fantastic, too! Our 100% free diagnostics and 100% free transportation are an important service offering of ours and we are happy to be able to take care of you.”

With decades of Jeep Wrangler and Jeep repair and SUV, truck & 4WD repair experience, our customers stick with us because we offer honest, transparent quality work for folks from Castle Rock and Castle Pines, Colorado.

100+ Years of Combined Experience for Car, Truck, SUV, 4×4, and Jeep Repair!

With over 100 combined years of specialty Jeep, SUV & four wheel drive experience, Parker Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair has the technical ability to revamp, repair, and rebuild automobiles of any make or model on the road today. When you are looking for Jeep, SUV and 4×4 specialty auto repair in Castle Rock and Castle Pines, or if you are looking to customize your vehicle for four wheeling, the master mechanics in our 18,000 sq. ft. state of the art Jeep, SUV and 4×4 Auto Repair shop are here for you.

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